Friday, 3 December 2010

Team Amaral.

By Honestbroker.

It would be outright dishonest to pretend he doesn’t have one. Even the most ignoble and base of causes is seldom pursued alone. And causes don’t come much more base than the persecution of a distraught couple whose lives have been already torn asunder by the loss of a loved and treasured child whose fate they have no clue of. Some of Amaral’s followers and adherents are actually worse than him. At least, to Amaral’s (comparative) credit, he has always accepted that Kate and Gerry could not have behaved in a relaxed and normal way throughout the majority of the evening May 3rd knowing that something dreadful had happened to Madeleine, and has always rejected more extreme theories about what might have happened to her and about the McCanns’ alleged involvement in those events. The same is not true of all his followers, however.

In this piece, I shall introduce the casual reader to three of these followers, all linked, that gives something of an insight into the murky ‘other-world’ of the anti-McCann cause. There are many others, of course, some much better known. Few have anything to commend them in the cause of shedding light and truth on the mystery of what happened to Madeleine.

First on the roll-call is Joana Morais, left, a Portuguese national and film maker with good English, who writes a regular (English language) blog, wherein she has been caught out, many times, deliberatly mis-translating items from the Portuguese press, or from official sources, in order to skew the views of her readers against the McCanns. She is a staunch supporter of Goncalo Amaral, who has interviewed him and counts him as a personal friend. Second is ‘Textusa’ (obviously an assumed name). I don’t know much about Textusa, not even his or her sex, but there are only two things we need to know. On the computer screen, s/he has indulged wild and perverse distortions in flights of fancy (non evidence-based) about what might have happened to Madeleine, centred on paedophilia, and featuring the McCanns or their friends. And Textusa has been a guest writer on Joana Moraises’ blog.

Third is Duarte Levy, not to be confused or connected with his namesake (actually not his namesake) Isabel, the McCanns’ redoubtable and excellent Portuguese lawyer. Duarte Levy’s real name, apparently, is Nuno Miguel Duarte. But we’ll stick with the name he is most commonly known by on-line, Levy.

Levy is a freelance Belgian journalist who had a brief romantic liaison with Morais. But more of that later.

In the triple causes of supporting Amaral, tormenting Madeleine’s parents and feathering his own nest, Levy has systematically abused and corrupted the honorouable profession and calling of journalism he disgraces. Among other shameful shams, he put about a story of supposedly explosive revelation that would tear the case apart and ‘prove’ the guilt of the McCanns of 24 photographs he claimed to have in his possession. The ‘photographs’, simply, only ever existed in Levy’s imagination.

Levy has been exposed twice. The first time was by the national newspaper The Sunday People, to whom Levy tried to ‘sell’ the (non-existent) ’24 photographs’.

The second time was by Levy’s erstwhile lover, Joana Morais. In a hard-hitting article branding him a ‘swindler and pathological liar’ she makes reference to aliases created by him to promote his own work, to documents he claimed to have which would shed light on the case, to ‘inerviews’ that never happened and much else besides, all counter-productive in the endless quest to seek truth and justice for a missing little girl. She also makes reference to something else – the little matter of Morais setting up for Levy a phone line so that he could have internet access and she paying for it on the understanding that he would pay her back so much a month. Morais never saw a cent of over 1000 euros she was owed.

Meanwhile, in the quest for truth and justice for Madeleine, Morais remains (so far as I am aware) on good terms with Textusa, who would have us believe that the the McCanns and their friends are ‘swingers’, that at the heart of Madleine’s disappearance lies some sort of sexual liaison between Kate and one of the McCanns’ friends; that, well, much more besides we needin’t sully this text with details of.

It seems that, among certain antis (I don’t say all) qualities of honour, integrity and probity are observed, just so long as you don’t fleece thine brother (or sister) in the cause of persecution and harassment of 1000 euros for a telephone bill someone else has paid on your behalf. The attitude is concisely expressed by a British adage: ‘honour among thieves’.

Contrast that with the common action of the McCanns’ friends upon being awarded substantial libel damages from actions against British newspapers. As one, each donated every last penny to the ‘Find Madeleine’ fund.

I confess to an error in this piece which has been excised from the original article. I suggested certain differences between offerings of the Jane Tanner statement on different sites that in fact weren’t there. Obviously the easiest way to have compared the two statements would have been to run off hard copies, but my printer is unserviceable and I had to switch between the two sites reading on screen – difficult for a statement of that length – and I accept that aligned the relevant sections wrong.

As the article (as amended) makes plain, Levy is a fraud and it is also true that he got hold of copies of some of the rogatory interviews, including Jane Tanner’s. On closer inspection I note that his name is actually associated with the statements on both sites. We must just hope that he hasn’t tampered with the rogatory interviews as well.

By Honestbroker.