Monday, 8 November 2010

The Innocence of the McCanns: The Definitive Word.

By Vee8

It is often repeated on the more hate fuelled Madeleine related websites that the only reason Kate and Gerry are still free is because there was insufficient evidence to bring charges against them. But then the members of these sites turn right round and contradict themselves by saying ALL the evidence points to the fact that Madeleine died in the apartment. Well, which is it? Is there ‘a mountain of evidence,’ as one of their more imaginative posters once said, pointing to the McCann’s guilt? Or is there not yet enough evidence to bring charges, but a good chance that, any day now, something that was overlooked by Amaral will suddenly come to light? And what of the attention seeking Bennett, and the comment he repeats in almost all of his letters to anyone and everyone, reminding them that the McCann’s are still official suspects in their daughter’s disappearance? Is there any truth in that?

Well here, for the education of those who still hold fast to their belief that the aforementioned statements are true is the translated, full version of the summing up of the case by the Portuguese chief prosecutor himself. Please note, this is an expert in his field, a man of considerable prominence within the legal profession, someone who has forgotten more about the due process of the law than Bennett or Amaral ever knew, and unlike those two is not someone who was either dismissed or sacked from his profession for bringing it into disrepute or disgrace.

- Despite all of this, it was NOT POSSIBLE to obtain ANY piece of evidence (Note very carefully, this is saying quite clearly that there is NO evidence, NOT insufficient evidence, but NO evidence) that would allow for an average man, under the light of the criteria of LOGIC, of NORMALITY and of the general rules of experience, to formulate ANY LUCID, SENSATE, SERIOUS AND HONEST conclusion about the circumstances under which the child was removed from the apartment (whether dead or alive, whether killed in a neglectful homicide or an intended homicide, whether the victim of a targeted abduction or an opportunistic abduction), nor even to produce a consistent prognosis about her destiny and inclusively – the most dramatic – to establish whether she is still alive or if she is dead, or which seems more likely.

…… we do not possess any minimally solid and rigorous foundation in order to be able to state, with the safety that is requested, which was or were the exact and precise crime(s) that was or were practised on the person of the minor Madeleine McCann – apart from the SUPPOSED BUT DISMISSED CRIME OF EXPOSURE OR ABANDONMENT (That means the idea of neglect was considered, but then dismissed: She was NOT neglected in the eyes of the law.) – or to hold anyone responsible over its authorship.

Therefore, after all seen, analysed and duly pondered, with all that is left exposed, it is determined:

a) The archiving of the Process concerning arguido Robert James Queriol Eveleigh Murat, because there are no indications of the practise of any crime under the dispositions of article 277 number 1 of the Penal Process Code;

b) The archiving of the Process concerning arguidos Gerald Patrick McCann and Kate Marie Healy, BECAUSE THERE ARE NO INDICATIONS OF THE PRACTISE OF ANY CRIME (Just how much more clearer can that be? NO indications that they committed any crime. Period. Full stop. The end.) under the dispositions of article 277 number 1 of the Penal Process Code.

Article 277 number 3 of the Penal Process Code is to be fulfilled.

Under article 214 number 1 item a) of the Penal Process Code, the coercion measures that have been imposed on the arguidos are declared extinct.

The NON INVOLVEMENT (Meaning exactly what it says:They were NOT involved.) of the Arguidos parents of Madeleine in ANY PENALLY RELEVANT ACTION (Meaning they committed NO crime.) seems to result from the objective circumstances of them not being inside the apartment when she disappeared, from the NORMAL BEHAVIOUR (NORMAL, repeat, NORMAL, NOT suspicious.) that they adopted until said disappearance AND AFTERWARDS, (STILL not acting in any way suspicious.) as can be amply concluded from the witness statements, from the TELEPHONE COMMUNICATIONS ANALYSIS (Because, despite the lies and slurs leaked by Amaral, the McCanns DID cooperate with the PJ, and DID give their phone records, with the times, dates, callers and recipients ALL logged in the official files. You know, the files that the anti-Madeleine’s love to talk about, but in truth have never actually read themselves.) and also from the forensics’ conclusions, namely the Reports from the FSS and from the National Institute for Legal Medicine.

To this can be added that, in reality, NONE of the indications that led to their constitution as arguidos WAS LATER CONFIRMED OR CONSOLIDATED. (In other words, the prosecutor could clearly see that Amaral had NOTHING, repeat NOTHING on them. He had nothing on them then, and he has nothing on them now. Zero. Zip. Nada. Zilch.) If not, let us see: the information concerning a previous alert of the media before the police was not confirmed, the traces that were marked by the dogs WERE NOT RATIFIED IN LABORATORY, and the initial indications from the above transcribed email, better clarified at a later date, ended up being revealed as INNOCUOUS. (Again, how clear can that be? The dogs indication were not backed up by one of the best forensics laboratories in the world. The dogs made a mistake. They didn’t lie, they simply indicated at something other than the scent of a corpse. It happens, they are NOT infallible.)

Even if, hypothetically, one could admit that Gerald and Kate McCann might be responsible over the child’s death, it would still have to be explained how, where through, when, with what means, with the help of whom and where to they freed themselves of her body within the restricted time frame that would have been available to them to do so. Their daily routine, until the 3rd of May, had been circumscribed to the narrow borders of the ‘Ocean Club’ resort and to the beach that lies next to it, unknowing the surrounding terrain and, apart from the English friends that were with them on holiday there, they had no known friends or contacts in Portugal.

How, where, when? Questions not one, single, McCann critic has ever successfully answered.


Because Kate and Gerry had nothing to do with it.

There is absolutley no ambiguity in this report: No margins for discussion, no ‘Wriggle room.’ It states quite clearly that Kate and Gerry are innocent of any crime. There IS no evidence against them, none whatsoever. All the speculation, gossip and innuendo in the world will not solve this case, only good, old fashioned detective work. Pity then, that the first detective on the job was woefully inadequate, and fell far short of the expectations placed on him and, instead, chose to line his own pockets at Madeleine’s expense, damning her to her fate with a glass of wine in a sea food restaurant.

Oh, and just for Bennett. No, the McCann’s are NOT still official suspects in the case. When they were cleared of arguido status, any legal or official suspicion, if there ever even was any, given that the word arguido is open to interpretation, ended right there and then. Further, Kate and Gerry were NEVER made suspects at any time by Leicestershire police, Scotland Yard, the C.I.D. or any other police force in Britain or any other country. They are NOT official suspects. And that is an indisputable and incontravertable fact.

Now, exactly what part of ‘Kate and Gerry are innocent’ do you not understand?

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